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Herman’s Vegetarian Restaurant and Garden Café is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Stockholm. Although “cafe” is in the name, don’t expect anything like Starbucks. This is primarily a vegetarian buffet. The food is great and the restaurant offers fantastic views of Stockholm, giving tourists an even better reason to stop by. Located in Sodermalm (map at the bottom of the post) this restaurant is a 10 minute walk from Medborgarplatsen or Slussen subway stations.

herman's vegetarian

To enter, you walk down a staircase with pictures of famous vegetarians. (Be like Einstein, become a vegetarian!)

herman's vegetarian

Once you’re downstairs you wait in line to pay the cashier. These desserts are not included in the buffet.

The weekend buffet costs 195 kronor and the weekday lunch buffet costs 135. Since I went on the weekend, I ended up paying 195 kronor, which is about $21. This is by no means cheap, but for Stockholm, it’s really not that expensive either. We stayed and ate for about three hours, which meant we had lunch, talked, and then had a very early dinner. If you can stay long enough to have two meals here, it really is a steal. Plus, this restaurant has such a great view that you’ll probably want to stay for a few hours anyway.

herman's vegetarian restaurant

This is the main event: the long buffet table with all sorts of yummy vegetarian foods. Most of the food is cold, but there is a decent selection of hot food.

So, how did it all taste?

The food was good, but there was almost too much of a good thing. With 15+ dishes to choose from I ended up having small amounts of everything. This was fun in a way, but it almost prevented me from really finding one dish I loved, then enjoying it. By the time I had tried everything I was pretty full. #firstworldproblems

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A key selling point of this restaurant is the view. There is a fantastic view of Stockholm. On the left are some of the historic buildings while the right has the view of a theme park. As you can see, I went on a cloudy winter day, so the view will be better when it’s clear and/or summer.

herman's vegetarian

There are seats right beside the buffet and in a separate room. This is that separate room. Outside there are even more seats, but in the winter these are not useable. Years ago I was here in the summer, however, and boy were those seats awesome. With a great view of the city and the bright summer sun, it was the place to be.

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Inside this room is a small tea and coffee section. Tea is free while more complicated drinks like cappuccinos are not.

herman's vegetarian

Something to remember. This was attached to my tea bag.

The Verdict

All in all, Herman’s Vegetarian Restaurant and Garden Café is a great restaurant and somewhere you should visit if you are in Stockholm. With a great view, unlimited food, and relatively easy access, this is a worthwhile stop for all vegetarians and, because of the view and great portions, is worth a look even if you eat meat.

Directions to Herman’s Vegetarian Restaurant


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