I’m Doing Every New Years Resolution Day 5

every new years resolution

I’m Doing Every New Year’s Resolution is a series about changing your life through goal-setting. For 2017 I set 10 resolutions and I’m going to try to achieve them all. Read the original post explaining everything if you’re just getting started. In each post I review my daily progress. This is day five, and the last post before switching to a weekly summary format:


Another weekend day. No workout and no alarm meant I slept in–until 9 am. It felt really late, even though that used to be a normal wakeup time for me. It was great, because part of me still thought I had woken up at 11. I had that overslept feeling with all of the morning ahead of me.

What I did today:

Get Fit: Day off.


Save Money: $20 of automatic savings towards the 2017 fund. $26.10 saved.

Get Organized: Today was a fight against losing progress. I made lunch, then made dinner. Both times required kitchen cleanup–especially dinner, which was homemade pizza.

Learn Chinese: No flashcards. Weren’t on the schedule, so I didn’t do them. Hope this doesn’t affect my motivation.

Practice Guitar: Played briefly just before bed.

Quit Sugar: It’s getting easier. I had a bottle and a half of Soylent, and two Kombuchas.

Sugar Tally:

9 grams- Soylent

4.5- Soylent



Total: 25.5 grams

This is the most sugar I’ve had, although, again, the sugar in the Kombucha is from fruit juice, not cane sugar, so I am being relatively conservative here.

Read 26 Books: Read 60+ pages of The Lean Startup. I’m almost done.

Minimize Social Media: Same as yesterday, I checked Facebook a couple times to reply to messages. No feed-scrolling.

Write Every Day: I did the post you’re reading.

Make a Difference: I need to make this more focused and am asking friends how to fix this one. I’m hoping to retool things at the 2 week and one month level. Once again, the only thing of note I did was pick up trash in public. Maybe that’s enough to make a (very) small difference.


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