Cafe Pascal Stockholm

Cafe Pascal is a fantastic coffeeshop I found while staying in Stockholm. Located near Odenplan station, it is a convenient walk for many visitors, or a short couple subway stops away from the old town.

cafe pascalI came in right at the open on the weekend. There was already a small line of people–this place is good and the locals know it.
cafe pascal stockholm

With a modern interior, Cafe Pascal feels cozy but cool at the same time. Pascal interior

Very well done. treats cafe pascal

Cafe Pascal has a great selection of sweet treats! Food cafe pascal

More sweet treats and pre-made sandwiches. The cinnamon buns here have this really cool and intricate design that you don’t see on the ones in the States. Also, there are all these pre-made small sandwiches at cafes here. I suppose places like Starbucks have pre-made sandwiches, but somehow seeing all these sandwiches stacked up seems strange to me.

cafe pascal stockholm

If you’re like me your idea of a good winter morning is strolling down to a cafe, warming up with a cup of coffee and watching the morning go by. These window seats are a great way to do that. With the sun shining in and a small table for your food, this is just such a good experience.

Pascal toast semla cappuccino

A semla, avocado toast, and a cappuccino. If Sweden has avocado toast why can’t California have semla? semla interior

Don’t get me started on Semla. Semla are these traditional Swedish desserts which. somehow, nobody sells in California (or Hong Kong, where I used to live). This is crazy, because these are really good. They’re essentially soft bread with cardamom and almond paste, and big dollop of whipped cream.

But don’t take my word for it. Semlas are so addicting that Sweden’s King Adolf Frederick died as a result of eating too many. According to Wikipedia, his death is popularly “attributed to a heavy consumption of semlas.”

“Semla: enticer of maidens, killer of kings.”

Geisha Pascal


I asked the barista what coffee I should get. She suggested I get the geisha, which is an artisanal coffee from Panama. This stuff was mind-blowing. It was so fruity and light, almost like tea. It had none of the bitterness of coffee. If all coffee tasted like this, I swear everyone would drink it black. I was also really impressed that they brought out a little card describing the coffee.

The verdict

If you’re in Stockholm, you should check out Cafe Pascal. It’s really very nice.

Directions to Cafe Pascal

Visit Cafe Pascal online, or on Facebook and Instagram.



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