Home: Eat to Live, a Great Vegan Restaurant in Hong Kong

You can build your own salad bowls using these pre-mixed ingredients. Looks great, but I decided to get other items off the menu instead. 

HOME has two levels, both with the same vegan hipster Brooklyn vibe. 

The “Silky Sifaka” which is basically just vegan pho with avocado. It was good. The avocado was surprisingly not terrible in soup broth, and the kelp noodles were actually quite tasty. This is probably an underrated dish here.

hong kong vegetarian

This is the “Northern White Rhino” burger, with a side of sweet potato fries (they’re huge!) and a salad. Pretty good. But nothing beats that view! Yes, there is a couch seat surrounded by windows which gives you absolutely no privacy, but, a great view of the crowds of Central. Decent trade eh? hong kong vegan

One of the many bowls that HOME is famous for. They start with rice and then top it off with a generous mix of vegetables and tofu. Some of the vegetable dishes are fermented. home eat to live

The upstairs ordering area. You can actually order upstairs or downstairs, but if you order downstairs you need to go up to pick up your food.

HOME: The Verdict 

HOME serves very good vegan and vegetarian food. The quality is actually pretty similar to Grassroots Pantry, while the price is a little bit less. The primary difference is  that HOME is closer to fast food while Grassroots pantry is more of a sit down restaurant. Both have their place, and luckily, both are very healthy. If you are a tourist and don’t have much time, I highly recommend you instead check out Lock Cha Tea House, which is a vegetarian and vegan tea house in Hong Kong park. Check out our ranking of the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Hong Kong.

If you’re a vegetarian/vegan traveling around the world check out our guides to the best vegetarian/vegan restaurants in Seoul, Stockholm, Santa Cruz, and Auckland.


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