24 Hours in Sydney

Sometimes you go into a city with high energy levels, cameras ready, tours booked, and a checklist of things to see.

Pretty much the exact opposite happened during my recent visit to Sydney. We were coming from Auckland, with a 24 hour layover–but we were already tired of being tourists. Plus we had a long flight back to California the next day. We wanted to chill out. So we did, and it was glorious. Here are 24 chilled out hours in Sydney:

Colonial Architecture

We took the train from the airport and arrived at Circular Quay. Our hotel was just around the corner…Ground Control Cafe Sydney

We stopped at Ground Control for a coffee because Mr. Wong’s (our lunch restaurant profiled below) had quite a wait.

Ground Control Sydney

The interior alternated between cuteness, hipness, and standard upmarket cafe decor.Ground control cafe sydney tipping sex

The lack of tips in the jar suggests that Australians are already remarkably attractive, thus making this tipping pitch totally unnecessary. Ground Control Cafe Syndey A hot chocolate, carrot cake, egg tart, and decaf cappuccino.

Wongs Interior

Next it was on to Mr. Wong’s–an upscale Chinese eatery in a beautiful french styled old building which manages to be both classy and hip–where we finally got a table after having to wait extra time because of a mistake with our reservation. The food more than made up for it, however.

Mr Wongs Sydney

Pork buns eaten by my companion–they were apparently good. Mr Wongs Sydney copy

Wild mushroom dumplings.     Wongs Syd

Baby spinach dumplings. Wongs Sydney

We asked the waiter to make us a virgin cocktail and got this. It was good, but we later realized we never asked what it was. Moral of the story? The waiters here will give you good things if you ask.

Wongs Sydney2

“Seasonal vegetable cheung fun” This was a good one, brought me back to my days living in Hong Kong.

Eggplant Wongs

The “crispy eggplant with fish fragrant sauce” (despite the name this was supposedly vegetarian) was AMAZING.

Strawberry Honeycomb Dessert

“Strawberry ice, sheep’s milk yoghurt sorbet, strawberries, shiso and honeycomb” This was also an incredibly good dessert.

Boomerangs Sydney

Yes I bought boomerangs. Yes they are awesome. Yes I am a tourist.

Chilling in Sydney

What do you do when you’re tired but hungry and don’t want to walk far from your hotel but you want to take advantage of being in a new place? You get comfort food at a bar with a view of the Opera House. Done and done.

Harbor Bridge

The harbor bridge shining at night.

birds australia

The next morning I woke up at 6 am (thank you jet lag!) and decided to see the sunrise. Along the way I ran into these guys… These birds are crazy. Must be an Aussie thing.

bridge morning

The harbor bridge again.

sydney boom

Last but not least, we have the Sydney Opera House looking beautiful at 6:30 AM.

It was great to be back in Sydney, and although some would say we could have done more during our stay, sometimes you really just need to chill out and enjoy things at the pace of a relaxed local, instead of a rushed tourist.

I love you Sydney, hope we can come back again soon!

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