I’m Doing Every New Year’s Resolution Day 4

I’m Doing Every New Year’s Resolution is a series about changing your life through goal-setting. For 2017 I set 10 resolutions and I’m going to try to achieve them all. Read the original post explaining everything if you’re just getting started. In each post I review my daily progress. This is day four:


Ah, the weekend. I can sleep in, and I don’t have to work out.

That’s what I thought it would be like, but it wasn’t. I woke up around 7 anyway, and not working out made the morning a lot less focused and clear. Sure, I made breakfast, but lacking a sort of mission and the subsequent endorphin boost made the entire morning more scatterbrained.

After finally seeing Rogue One I walked back with two bags of groceries. I felt tired. It was 5:30. I wanted to rest. Somehow the lack of energy probably caused by the sugar reduction was back.

What I did today:

Get Fit: Day off.

Save Money: No automatic savings today, although I did spend money that should be rounded up. Maybe it’ll show up tomorrow or Monday.

Get Organized: Aside from Rogue One, this was like 80% of my day. Kitchen cupboards got totally redone, and my clothes closet has been started, although that will take more work.

Learn Chinese: I did Chinese flashcards during lunch. Switched to HSK Level 3. (Basically I moved up a level since what I had been studying was too easy.)

Practice Guitar: Played briefly just before bed.

Quit Sugar: Today, unlike yesterday, I seemed to be lacking a bit of energy. I still feel sick, although that started before this diet. No real cravings though. I thought of

Sugar Tally:

9 grams- Soylent

12 grams- Kombucha

Total: 21 grams

Read 26 Books: Read 70+ pages of The Lean Startup. 

Minimize Social Media: I checked Facebook a couple times to reply to messages. No feed-scrolling.

Write Every Day: I did the post you’re reading, which is enough, I hope.

Make a Difference: I need to make this more focused and am asking friends how to fix this one.


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