I’m Doing Every New Year’s Resolution: Day 3

I’m Doing Every New Year’s Resolution is a series about changing your life through goal-setting. For 2017 I set 10 resolutions and I’m going to try to achieve them all. Read the original post explaining everything if you’re just getting started. In each post I review my daily progress. This is day three:


Day three of daily exercise with almost no sugar. Today felt like a normal day. I didn’t have the lethargy that I did yesterday. I do feel like I’m developing a bit of a cold, and my throat hasn’t entirely cleared up, but since the throat symptoms started the morning before I started working out while quitting sugar, it doesn’t seem plausible to blame the sickness on my new schedule.

I was productive today, but not amazingly so, but I think it would’ve been worse without my new schedule and set of resolutions. I want to further refine my schedule to make myself more productive still.

What I did today:

Get Fit: At 7:45 AM I did 30 minutes on a stationary bike, which was less than yesterday’s 35 minutes.

Save Money: I automatically saved $4.10 today on Qapital. Grand total: $6.10 saved.

Get Organized: Some kitchen organizing, but today was not a major organizing day.

Learn Chinese: I did Chinese flashcards in bed instead of at lunch. On the one hand, I did read 100 pages and finished But What If We’re Wrong. On the other hand, is my willingness to skip Chinese at lunch a sign I’m already giving up”

Practice Guitar: Played after dinner. Small amount of scales and some songwriting.

Quit Sugar: Today, unlike yesterday, was easy. I had a bottle of Soylent for breakfast and then had a decaf coffee. I wasn’t hungry until 12:30 and then I made some vegan tacos. For dinner I made tempeh with veggies. I think I only had 17 grams of sugar the whole day, 9 grams from the Soylent, 8 grams from a bottle of Kombucha.

Sugar Tally:

9 grams- Soylent

8 grams- Kombucha

Total: 17 grams

Read 26 Books: I’m going to continue to read The Lean Startup in bed. I read 100 pages today and finished But What If We’re Wrong. I actually finished both that book and Contagious in 2017, but since I started them both in 2016, they only sort of count towards my total.

Minimize Social Media: I checked Facebook three times to reply to messages. Probably spent 5-8 minutes on the site.

Write Every Day: I did the post you’re reading, in addition to this book review.

Make a Difference: I need to make this more focused and am asking friends how to fix this one.

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