UE Megaboom Review: Amazing Sound

The UE Megaboom is one of the more popular bluetooth speakers on the market–for good reason. This thing packs a serious punch, and can take one too. It’s waterproof and feels nearly indestructible. Read our UE Megaboom review to determine if this speaker is right for you.

UE Megaboom build quality

The build quality of this speaker is really good. It’s actually pretty heavy, which both means that it feels rock-solid, and also is not the lightest thing to lug around on a camping trip. But, if you do bring it out into the wild, you can rest easy since it is IPX7 waterproof. With the MegaBoom you are maxing out on everything: size, sound, weight, and price. Thus speaker has the predictable pros and cons. It seems indestructible, but it’s not light. The sound quality is great, but it’s pretty loud. All of those features lead to a $299 price, but there is a good way to get this for 40% off (more on that below).

UE Megaboom sound quality

Sound quality is the most important aspect of any speaker, and the UE Megaboom does not disappoint. The quality is top-notch at all volume levels. It sounds great soft and it sounds great loud. The bass is not lacking at all. This thing feels like a much larger speaker system. Speaking of sound, the Megaboom gets loud–and it gets loud fast. It’s perfect for a large party or for destroying your hearing, but if you’re like me, you’ll be keeping it around 20% of it’s potential, or less, at all times.

You can save over $100 by buying a refurbished Megaboom on Amazon.

UE Megaboom battery life

The battery on this thing is solid. You can expect to get at least 18 hours of use, and probably more if you use it at low volumes. Basically, it will easy last an entire day for all but the most demanding users.

ue megaboom review

Setting up the UE Megaboom

Setting this thing up is very easy. You simply connect with bluetooth as you would any other speaker. Then you’re ready to go. There is a UE app for this device, but that’s actually one of the weaker links of the system. It has poor reviews and seems relatively buggy. It’s probably best to connect without the app.

Everything works great and the connection is stable. The only time we had occasional bluetooth connection issues was when multiple devices got involved.

Basically, if you connect the device to more than one iPhone or computer, and both devices are nearby, you may occasionally accidentally switch between the two devices. This is somewhat annoying, but overall these issues are minor and are easily solved by turning off bluetooth on devices not using the speaker. These issues are things you’ll have with any bluetooth speaker.

You can also connect with a standard 3.5mm plug if bluetooth is not your thing.

ue megaboom

How to save money on the UE Megaboom

A great way to save money on this speaker is to buy a refurbished model off of Amazon. The original price of a Megaboom is $299, but the refurbished models Amazon is selling are only $179, which is 40% off. This is a great deal, and makes this model a lot more affordable.

UE MegaBoom review: The verdict

This is an awesome bluetooth speaker–but it’s probably overkill for most users. If you like it loud, or are throwing a party, this thing is a a great investment. But if you don’t need it so loud, or want to save some money, you could buy cheaper speakers. To be honest, at this price, I would buy the Bose QC35 headphones instead.

You can buy the UE MegaBoom on Amazon. They’re currently selling for 10% off.

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