Nintendo Switch Review: The Future of Gaming

nintendo switch

The Nintendo Switch is the newest game console from Nintendo–a company synonymous with video games. What makes it special is that it is portable, with a great screen, but it also works on a TV. It’s basically a GameBoy and a home console. And it works really well. It has these side controllers that detach so you can play multiplayer games wherever you go. I’m not a hardcore gamer, but I love it, because it allows me to take Mario Kart everywhere, which is awesome.

Is it fun? Yes.

Let’s be honest. What matters most about the Switch isn’t its graphics or exactly how it looks–but whether it’s fun or not. Luckily, the answer is a resounding yes. The Switch is the world’s first console that works with both a TV or as a portable device. What that means is that you can play at home, pause your game, then take the Switch to work, play a bit at lunch in portable mode, then finish up and play more at home.

But for someone like me what it really means is that you can take multiplayer Mario Kart with you wherever you go. And since the Switch supports on-the-go multiplayer, it means the Switch gives you multiplayer Mario Kart wherever you are.

nintendo switch review

Nintendo Switch Review: Graphics

The Switch has great graphics. Sure, it won’t match a PS4 Pro or a gaming laptop, but it doesn’t have to. It’s a Nintendo console, and as someone who remembers playing a GameBoy Color, this thing is just miles and miles ahead. It’s just insane that this thing exists.

The Switch gives you multiplayer Mario Kart wherever you go

Nintendo Switch Review: Battery life

You’ve probably heard that battery life is decent, but not great. This is true. I average somewhere between two and maybe three hours tops. On the one hand, given the graphics and svelte size of this thing, it’s not bad–but it sure can’t match an iPad or a laptop. Still, given that the Switch is best enjoyed in small doses, I think this is more than sufficient for most people.

It’s in the backpack, but it’s only used when I’m with other people.

The world’s first modular console

The Switch is an incredibly bold bet by Nintendo. They’ve created a system that has the power of a home console but the portability of a GameBoy. There would’ve been so many ways to screw this up. The controllers could’ve sucked, or a certain bit of the system could’ve been unreliable. But it works perfectly. It just works so well and it’s actually incredible Nintendo pulled it off. You should probably buy one.

The Game Selection

The only real downside of the Switch, right now, is the pretty small game selection. Sure, there’s Bomberman, and of course, Zelda, and Mario Kart, and a few others, but it is not a huge selection. Particularly if you are into shooting games like Overwatch, you are likely to be disappointed–but that’s the way it goes with new console releases. The Switch should start to finally have a decent games catalog by the end of this year, when Splatoon 2 and the new Super Mario title will be released.

Nintendo Switch review: The verdictnintendo switch

The Switch is different things to different people. For hardcore gamers, it’s a way to bring a modern console with you everywhere you go. It’s 24/7 gaming–or at least it can be. Games like Zelda mean you can get lost for hours in the Switch. If I were still a teenager I would probably never put this thing down. But now I’m in my 20’s and video games are less of an obsession and more of an okay way to spend a long plane ride.

nintendo switch
The Switch doesn’t come with a case, but you’ll definitely need one if you’re carrying it around.

For casual gamers like me, the Switch means multiplayer everywhere. It means you can play Mario Kart for 10 minutes at lunch. It means you can go to a friends house, mess around with the Switch for a bit, then get back to something else. It’s awesome. It delivers gaming in the exact right dose. And it does things that iPhone and iPad games still can’t do. The Switch is seriously cool, and you should pick one up. You can buy the Nintendo Switch on Amazon.

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