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Apple laptops are beautiful. Made of aluminum and obsessively designed, they are not only a joy to use, but also to look at. If you want to protect your investment, it makes sense to get a case or a sleeve. After doing my research I settled on the Radsleevz form-fitting sleeve. I’m glad I did. Here’s the quick reasons why:

  • Looks good (grey matches the laptop’s color)
  • Protects against scratches and minor spills
  • Doubles as a screen cleaner

Radsleevz review

Radsleevz review: Introduction

The Radsleevz is a form-fitting laptop sleeve made by RadTech. It’s made in America and is well put together. One thing that’s important to note is that it’s a sleeve, which is probably the lightest form of protection you can get for a laptop. This is basically a very nice piece of cloth that is fitted to the exact dimensions of your laptop. What that means is that it is very light and adds little bulk. This is perfect for me, since I carry my laptop in my backpack. It will not be perfect for someone who wants a heavily padded case that will protect against extreme drops or spills.

Radsleevz review: The good

The Radsleevz case is form fitting and does its job well. The fabric is soft but grippy, so it would be pretty hard for your laptop to slide out of it. At the end of the day, it’s a laptop sleeve, so it’s hardly a fashion accessory, but it looks good for what it is. I like how the grey matches the color of my Macbook.

It also works as a good screen cleaner and the grey never seems to get dirty either. While the price of $35 is not cheap, given how well it protects the laptop in addition to acting as a good screen cleaner, it’s worth it.

Radsleevz review

Radsleevz review: The (not so) bad

There’s actually nothing bad I can say about Radsleevz. It works well and get’s the job done. The only issue I had is that my original color choice, fusicha, looks like a wine red in the online photos. So, even though it’s called fusicha, I ordered it. Well, it arrived, and it was bright pink. I’ve got nothing against pink, but I wanted the wine red. I contacted Radsleevz and, unfortunately, there is no wine red. The colors were just off for that one.

So, if you’re thinking about buying one, don’t be deceived. Fusicha is a bright pink, regardless of how it looks on your computer. I returned that color and got the grey, which is very nice. As it turned out, the grey nearly exactly matched the space grey color on my Macbook Pro, so things turned out okay.

Radsleevz review

Radsleevz Review: The verdict

Overall the Radsleevz case is great.It’s slim, looks good, and does its job well. If you’re looking for protection for your new (or old) Apple laptop, you can (and should) buy Radsleevz on Amazon.


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