Eating Vegetarian in Stockholm

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Traveling as a vegetarian can be tough. In most countries, the traditional food is meat-heavy. If you’re visiting Stockholm and don’t eat meat, here are some of your top vegetarian choices, from the humble McDonalds to the excellent Lao Wai.

Lao Wai

lao wai stockholm

Lao Wai is awesome and you should go if you want amazing vegetarian Chinese food. The portions are very generous, although the prices are up there as well. At 210 kr ($23) for an entree this place is not cheap. However, each entree is so large that you could probably comfortably split one between two people. Even though the food was expensive the quality more than made up for the price. You should go.


Herman’s Vegetarian Buffet

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Herman’s is probably the most famous vegetarian restaurant in Stockholm. With an all-you-can-eat selection of great vegetarian food, it’s not hard to see why. Plus, it’s million dollar view makes it it’s perfect for tourists. Pricing is between 135 and 195 kronor, which at the time of this writing is $15/$22. That doesn’t seem cheap, but given how expensive Stockholm is, the view, and given that it’s all-you-can-eat, it’s actually almost a bargain. If you really want to make your kronor count come for lunch, enjoy the view for 3 or 4 hours, and then have an early dinner. Check out our full review here.



mcdonalds veggie burger

McDonald’s Sweden doesn’t just have a veggie burger–it has a veggie burger with guacamole. For the price it is incredible. Stockholm is known to be an expensive city and, let’s be honest, in some ways it is. That makes fast food an appealing option for locals and tourists alike. Luckily, vegetarians can order the Mcdonald’s veggie burger and enjoy a decent meal for 49kr ($5.41) for the burger only, or 75kr ($8.30) for a meal with fries and a drink.


Burger King

burger king sweden

Burger King also has a veggie burger. Sadly, it is demonstrably inferior to the one at McDonald’s. It tastes greasier, doesn’t have avocado, has less veggies, and seemed less healthy. I suppose if you hate avocado this might be your only option, but I’d still take the McDonald’s burger sans avocado over the BK burger.

So what are best vegetarian restaurants in Stockholm?

If you’re on a budget or need something fast, McDonalds’ vegetarian burger is the way to go. It’s cheap, tastes fine, and isn’t that unhealthy–although you certainly wouldn’t want to eat these all the time.

If you’re a tourist or are extremely hungry, the clear winner is Herman’s Vegetarian Restaurant. With an all you can eat buffet, this is a good way to fill up and enjoy the view. If you stay long enough to eat two meals, it’s actually pretty cheap.

If cost doesn’t matter or you really want Chinese, Lao Wai is the way to go. It’s very good food and the portions are generous.

Unless you have no other options, be sure to skip Burger King. Their veggie burger can’t compare to McDonalds’.

If you’re traveling around the world, check out our guides to the best vegetarian restaurants in Hong KongSanta Cruz, Seoul, and Auckland.



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