Unistella: Seoul’s Best Nail Salon

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Unistella is a nail salon run by Eun Kyung Park, a nail artist and Instagram star whose special nail art has taken the fashion world by storm. While in Korea last year The Skinterpreter and I stopped by to see Ms. Park in action! If you’re thinking of visiting Unistella, here is what your visit will be like.


Before the session she’ll look at photos of other nails you like, then work together with you to handcraft a unique custom design. The cost of your nails will determine the price, but expect to pay around $100 USD. This might seem expensive, but given you’re signing up for a few hours with one of the world’s best nail artists, it’s a steal.


Some of the many sample nails. I particularly like the ones on the bottom right.

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Love my ring ❤ #cuticlecuff #glassfrungenail

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Of course the best place to look is on her Instagram, where the latest and craziest nails are on display.

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돌 #aquaquartz

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These are another favorite of mine.


There are many, many, many sample nails on display which can help you find inspiration. I’m down with those Simpsons nails, but I wasn’t down enough to take the plunge myself.


Once you decide on the colors you want, she get’s started! Along the way, the service is great. Notice the large iced coffee–complimentary, of course. Ms. Park is very friendly and speaks some English. Even though she’s becoming more and more famous, she still takes the time to treat her customers well and make sure they are totally happy with their designer nails.

By now the nails were halfway done. this took over an hour. Expect to be here a while!

The finished product. A nice mix of blue and white with gold accents. Each nail is unique and handcrafted by Eun Kyung Park herself. unistella

If you’re waiting for a friend or just hanging out, Unistella is a comfortable place to chill. With a dark neo-future vibe and a comfortable red couch, there are worse places to spend your time.

Get The Unistella Look!

unistella nails

If you’re ready to take your own nail design to the next level but aren’t usually in Seoul, you can also buy these MODI x Unistella stickers. It’s not quite the same as getting your nails done by Eun Kyung Park herself, but at only 4,500 Won per pack, (less than $5) it’s also very affordable.
unistella korea amazon

You can also buy these broken glass nail art sheets on Amazon.

Where to Find Unistella in Seoul

Unistella is on the top of a hill in Gangnam. The closest station is Gangnam-Gu Office. Unistella is often busy so you’ll want to make an appointment. You’d have to be very lucky to get a walk-in. She’s usually fully booked! You can make a reservation through KakaoTalk, WeChat, or WhatsApp, in addition to over the phone.

Address : 19-30, Cheongdam-Dong, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel : +82.2.517.5884
WhatApp : +82.10.5669.5884
WeChat : unistella
Kakaotalk : unistellanails

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