I’m Doing Every New Year’s Resolution: Day 2

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I’m Doing Every New Year’s Resolution is a series about changing your life through goal-setting. For 2017 I set 10 resolutions and I’m going to try to achieve them all. Read the original post explaining everything if you’re just getting started. In each post I review my daily progress. This is day two:

Today I was dragging. I think the quitting sugar thing is to blame. I feel like I have less energy, I can’t think as clearly, and I just feel sort of foggy. I’m hoping this is a withdrawal effect. I don’t feel hungry and I think I’m eating enough, but damn, I feel cloudy today.

I actually felt great before lunch, but somehow eating food seemingly sapped all the energy I had, which doesn’t really make sense since food delivers energy…

By 6PM I’ve achieved a lot less then yesterday. I start watching Weezer videos and dreaming of being on the beach. I don’t feel depressed, but feel like something is missing. I have an intense desire to fall asleep on the beach. It’s all I think about for some reason.

Sugar withdrawal. The struggle is real.

I bake a sweet potato and eat it after having some lentil soup. It is so SWEET. I give a piece to my girlfriend to check if it’s just me. It is, as she frowns and says its not that sweet.

What I did today:

Get Fit: At 7:45 AM I did 35 minutes on a stationary bike, which was an improvement over yesterday’s 31 minutes. I felt really good after this one.

Save Money: I automatically saved $1 today on Qapital. Grand total: $2 saved.

Get Organized: Kitchen organization and vacuuming. 20 minutes.

Learn Chinese: Like day one, I used the iPhone app Pleco to study Chinese flashcards for 15 minutes during lunch. I recognized a few new characters I know didn’t yesterday.

Practice Guitar: Played after dinner. Small amount of scales and some songwriting.

Quit Sugar: As I already mentioned above, today was tough. I felt lethargic and by the afternoon I was feeling sort of cloudy. Like day one, I had an apple and Soylent for breakfast and vegan tacos for lunch. Unlike day one, I also had another Soylent in the afternoon. Despite Soylent having 9 grams of sugar, it didn’t help me feel much more awake in the afternoon.

Sugar Tally:

9 grams- Soylent

9 grams- Soylent

4 grams- Kombucha

4 grams- Kimchi

4 grams- lentil soup

Total: 30 grams

Read 26 Books: I’m going to read The Lean Startup in bed.

Minimize Social Media: I checked Facebook twice, both to reply to messages. Probably spent 2 minutes on the site.

Write Every Day: I did the post your reading, in addition to starting another, unpublished post. Honestly though, the mental cloudiness made everything difficult/

Make a Difference: Again, totally whiffing on this one as I foolishly made the goal so vague.


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