Elixr Coffee Philadelphia

Elixr coffee is an a artisanal coffee shop in Philadelphia. I stopped in for a pour over and croissant while recently in town.

The interior was as hip as you’d expect…

With quality coffee and presentation to match.

They even did the coffee bags right.

I ordered a $4.50 Kenyan pourover which was supposed to taste like lemon curd. Perhaps, but it was very smooth. The ~$2.50 croissant was very flaky but a bit too hard. But hey, overall Elixir is nice. I’d go again.

They have a Kabocha Squash latte on the seasonal menu and I asked about it and found out it’s basically a hipster pumpkin spice latte. Fooled me–it sounds good though.

Also, they’ve got free WiFi.

Elixr coffee has multiple locations but this review is of their shop at:

207 S Sydenham St, Philadelphia, PA 19102


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