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come write with us
  • Are you ready to earn money from home as a freelance writer?
  • Are you interested in quitting your day job and starting a career where you can work from anywhere?
  • Are you interested in making side income as a blogger?
  • Do you want to develop your writing skills?

If you are, I’m excited to announce Come Write With Us, an online course I created with Kristin Wong (Lifehacker, New York Times, Glamour) that has everything you need to get started as a freelance writer. We also have a blog and free online resource for writers at

Why You Should Come Write With Us

freelance writing experience

Two authors. Four Books. Hundreds of articles at top publications

You want to learn from teachers who have experience. With Come Write With Us, you’re learning from two published authors who have written for top names like National Geographic, The New York Times, Glamour, Lifehacker, Investopedia, The Cut, Get Rich Slowly, Mental Floss, and more. Between us we’ve authored or contributed to four books (five if you count translated versions).

One of our first students nearly doubled his investment with a single blog post.

Students are already doubling their investment

Students have seen results quickly. After taking the course, one of our students cold emailed a company he admired. They were a great company, but they had a horrible blog. He proposed some new posts, and after a phone call with the company, he now writes 700-900 word blog posts for $350.

He nearly doubled his investment in his first post.

And he didn’t just benefit from the course material. We answered questions about how much to charge, what to say, and how to reply. Although he took the initiative and the credit ultimately belongs to him, we were there supporting him and answering questions the entire way.

And it paid off.

come write with us

Because he took Come Write With Us, he moved from being a writer with no paid experience to making hundreds of dollars per blog post. And if you haven’t done the math, $350 for a 700-900 word blog post is a rate of up to 50 cents per word—which is really good, especially for a first time writer. There are pros who have written for decades who write for less than 50 cents per word.

“I love the list of writing websites, resources, and job listings. That’s worth the money on its own! It’s such a good writing course for writers at all levels.” – Melanie LockertAuthor, Dear Debt

Why Is Come Write With Us Different Than Other Writing Courses?

Come Write With Us includes incredible value with worksheets, tips + tricks, advice from writers, and a group of other writers to share jobs and experience.

It took me years to go from $50 to $500 a post—but it didn’t have to

Come Write With Us is not for everyone. If you want to spend five minutes writing a blog post and expect to get a book deal, this course isn’t for you. It takes work to get published by top names—but there’s a big difference between working hard and working smart. This course teaches you to work smart.

There’s a big difference between working hard and working smart. We teach you to work smart.

I used to write lifestyle articles for $50 a pop. Compared to my old job as a waiter, it was awesome. I couldn’t believe someone was paying me to write–and I could do it from bed! But it wasn’t enough to make a living on. I scanned freelance writing jobs forums but it wasn’t really working. It took me a couple years of trial-and-error job applications and networking to upgrade from $50 an article to $350, $500, or $650, (or more) for a single article. I learned a lot figuring out things the hard way, but if I would’ve known what I know now, it wouldn’t have taken so long.

Come Write With Us freelance writing jobs
Come Write With Us Provides Incredible Value

Here’s what you get when you join Come Write With Us:

  • 8 Modules (40+ Lessons): Complete with exercises & homework assignments
  • The Writer’s Toolkit: A list of tools and resources every writer needs
  • Worksheets, Schedules, and Checklists: Download them or print them out!
  • Access to the Come Write With Us group on Facebook, where you can get feedback and ask questions

CWWU is a No-BS Writing Course

The truth is that you don’t need Come Write With Us to earn hundreds of dollars per article. But, it will probably take you a few years of work to get there. You’ll make rookie mistakes, lose gigs, and miss opportunities. How do I know? Because I was that guy. I learned the hard way. When I started out, I lost $2,000 to a scamming client. Come Write With Us contains all the advice Kristin and I know to help you avoid getting scammed. By learning how to make it as a writer with Come Write With Us, you’re getting a shortcut to becoming a freelance writer.

When I started out, I lost $2,000 writing for a scamming client who ended up in jail. This course contains advice to help protect yourself from making the same mistakes.

By signing up for Come Write With Us you’ll skip the mistakes I made and get straight to building your career the way you should.

Come Write With Us

Check out Come Write With Us, the best way to supercharge your writing career and make money writing from home.

If you have any questions about the course, send me an email at I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have to help you decide if it’s right for you.

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